Dev Diary #3

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Dev Diary #3

Post by SweetSpot » September 30th, 2017, 8:19 am

‘Sup! Richard here, and I don’t have a lot of time right now so this will be a short one. I am one of the first interns hired by Sean almost a year ago, and I do any kind of help I can for Digital Meatloaf.

As a kid
I am a lot younger than most of the other team members, and so my history with games is a lot less Extravagant. I was introduced to a Nintendo GameCube at a young age, and since then have loved video games passionately. As a college student, I play games in my free time, both as a stress-reliever and social interaction. I prefer more casual games, often First-Person Shooters, but I do veer into competitive (Overwatch, PUBG) games now and then.
I have always loved design, and I have been making things since I could first hold lego bricks. From 3D printing & animation to digital art, anything that allows me to satisfy my creativity and love for computers has me happy. It was this appreciation for creative outlets that caught Sean’s eye.

When they found me

I was finishing my second Semester at NAIT in Web-Design when Sean found me on simbi. Looking for creative outlets, I was doing anything and everything people requested of me. Sean was no different. Seeing the opportunity that Digital meatloaf was, I jumped at whatever tasks he gave me, designing and sketching ships for the game. To the people around me, investing my time into this start-up company for free when I have other things to focus on seemed like I was just being used, but I recognized this opportunity as a way for me to jumpstart a career in game design right out of the gate. Right now it feels like I am strapping myself to a rocket and watching it shoot for the moon, hoping to help it get there. Sink or swim, I am in it with digital meatloaf, and if it takes off then I go with it.

Since then

Since I joined Digital meatloaf I have been hard at work in my free time. I have been given the task of designing and modelling the Ishan faction, my adopted brainchild. A rapid designer at first, i pumped out concept sketches of their ships a few at a time, most notably the Lightning (the concept sketch that got me hired) Since then I have designed and modeled the Ishan to 95% completion, Created Logo’s and icons for all of the main factions, Designed the website that you likely came here from, and other design work in general.
My second year of college has started, and I have switched into Animation (with a sideline of game-Design). The workload of college, making rent, and everything else has significantly slowed my work speed for Digital Meatloaf, but Soon I will be learning skills that will allow me to contribute on a much broader scale to the project. And I can’t wait to see where all this takes me.