Dev Diary #17

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Dev Diary #17

Post by Merku » January 17th, 2018, 10:51 am

State of the Project – 2018

Sean Bentzen again, wishing you all a happy new year! The project is proceeding at a slow, but gradual pace. A presentable demo is expected sometime within the next few months, so we might finally be able to show off what we’ve been working on at that time. Currently, we’re all getting used to full work schedules again after the lull of the holidays. Here’s where we are:

• 3/5 factions have their assets either completely or mostly created.
• We’ve been playing with various texturing styles and general artistic themes; we’ve settled on one that we think will not only make everything look nice, but position us to stand out from the other space sci-fi games on the market or on the horizon.
• The mainstay mode of the game, tentatively called Sector Conquest, is almost halfway complete. Once this mode is completed the rest of the game should follow suit rather quickly.
• The first companion novel, Cosmic Reign – First Contact, is complete and gone through a first round of edits. A second round of edits should result in its total completion. It should be ready for release within the next couple of months. Plenty of lore to dive into, soon! :D
• The second companion novel, untitled, is currently being drafted. There wasn’t a second novel initially planned, but the initial feedback on the first one has been better than expected. So, why not a second?

Cat’s a bit out of the bag, given the title of the companion novel, but here’s the title of the game, internally referred to as Project: Black Raven:

Cosmic Reign – Endless War

Personal Progress

Over the past few months I’ve focused primarily on hashing out some of the minutiae of design, general project coordination, and writing the first companion novel. Currently, I’m going through the second round of edits on the companion novel, drafting the second, and gearing up to model one of the remaining factions.

Progress should be steady now that the holidays are over! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!