Dev Diary #6

A little glimpse inside the mind of the developers.
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Dev Diary #6

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I'm Tisha Charlton and I'm one of the texture artist interns working for Digital Meatloaf. I haven’t been here very long, but in that short time I've found the project to be very interesting and fun. In hoping in working for Digital Meatloaf to not only help out with this awesome game, but to expand on my knowledge as an artist and develop my current skill-set.

It began with an angry brother

I vaguely remember my first encounter with video games. I don't quite remember the game but I think it was Lufia. Anyhow it began with a very angry brother trying to figure out a certain puzzle dealing with switches. So I was just minding my own business you know doing what little sisters do...being nosy and spying on older brothers. My brother was very angry that he couldn’t figure out this puzzle so out of frustration he threw the controller down and stormed out the living room. After I witnessed this strange phenomena that I thought was some ritual apart of older brother society I decided to investigate. I slithered over to the controller, picked it up and fumbled with the controls until I got the pixelated sprite to move. After figuring out the controls I started stepping on the switches in no particular order, just at random. When all of a sudden I heard a weird noise like a door opening. My brother at that moment was walking back to his game discovered I had solved the puzzle then began interrogating me on what I did. He even went so far as to resetting the game and having me perform the sequence again. After that day we were inseparable from playing video games together. That one act of being a nosy little sister put me on a path I have followed my entire life. I've always enjoyed playing video games and that joy blossomed into a passion for the various stages of game development.

The path to becoming a CG Artist

I've been a traditional artist for roughly 23 years since I started in the 4th or 5th grade. I was always drawing and coming up with various stories throughout my years in grade school. I discovered when I was a freshmen in high school that there was a degree for game developers and started pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Game Art and Design once I graduated. About a year before graduating I got an unpaid internship working for Polyfountain Media LLC as a 3D Modeler/Texture Artist creating various assets. I've also helped out on various projects outside of college that my teachers had to not only gain experience but to also better my skills as an artist. The life of an artist is one of soaking up vasts amounts of knowledge and keeping up with current technology trends. So in taking on various side gigs I was killing two birds with one stone. Building a nice looking resume while also developing my skills. Having long term projects even if they are unpaid will make you stand out more so than someone with zero work experience upon graduation.

It started with an email

I had signed up for Simbi I think a month or two ago and basically forgot about it until I got an email. Sean had contacted me about doing some texture work for him. After that the rest is pretty much history and I was on board as a texture artist intern.

It ended with a rumbly in my tumbly

I think I've rambled on long enough and actually have some cookies I need to devour to restore some hit points I lost during the bedtime ritual of my zerglings (kids). So with a rumbly in my tumbly as Winnie the poo bear says I bid you farewell.

(In my cookie monster voice) Stay tuned for more dev diaries and Project: Black Raven info!