Dev Diary #5

A little glimpse inside the mind of the developers.
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Dev Diary #5

Post by MetalHeadNerd » October 12th, 2017, 9:22 pm

I'm Jonathan Hibma and I am on the game programming team with Horne and Bonnell. I've been working with Sean and the others for a couple months now, and I've been having a blast working with a team! I've been trying to use all of my abilities to help this project flourish with music and eventually voice talents.

Development of Passion

I've always found video games to be fascinating. From the art, and stories we play through, to just getting lost in the world of the game is something I always loved. Since I was young I knew that I wanted to be involved in being part of the game development process, and I've been following that (as well as some of my other passions) ever since. I love to be creative, and I feel like I'm drawn towards video games as the ultimate creative art form since there is so much involved with writing, art, music, and creating an experience that others will love.

What do I do

I'm currently enrolled at MTSU, as a junior transfer in the Computer Science Program with Horne. I also have an art minor I've been working on centered on Graphic Design, and soon Digital Animation. On the side I'm a musician and I play in hard rock band with some friends, as well as working on an old school Thrash Metal album for myself. My friends and I are working on part of the sound track for some of the game's factions. My experience with game development started in high school, there I dabbled in many different aspects of the game design process. I've always had a soft spot for old school/retro games, because of their simplicity due to the limitations of the time made the developers have to be more creative to work around these limitations.

What am I doing now

Along with some of the music design, I've been focused on the UI creation for this project with Digital Meatloaf. Creating the Main Menu and the in game UI. They have gone through multiple iterations, but everything is starting to look really good as we get more pieces of the game done.

Stay tuned for more dev diaries! This will be a project that we hope you guys love!