Dev Diary #15

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Dev Diary #15

Post by OmegaStorm » December 20th, 2017, 4:05 pm

Among those of our little family that know how to program, I'm probably the least of these, but I know enough to be dangerous, so to speak; certainly enough to prototype and so prototype I have. I've been testing out a little bit of weapon firing, movement, and some particle effects that would exist on the action layer.

Incoming GIFs of varying quality! GIFs moved to bottom of post temporarily.

I tried out different concepts and methods for firing and rendering a simple laser effect: the first of which was a solid beam from start to finish, with a simple gradient, utilizing the LineRenderer component in Unity. A simple particle effect and light is enabled at the impact point. See Exhibit A.

I then tried out firing laser pulses that still utilized the LineRenderer and texture, with these being recycled from an object pool. See Exhibit B.

I wanted to see how the LineRenderer looked from a different perspective and the flatness of the LineRenderer was painfully obvious. See Exhibit C.

However, changing the texture up a bit yielded better results. See Exhibit D.

While I was at it, I tested out using completely 3D objects (in this case, spheres) in place of the LineRenderer. See Exhibit E.

Moving on from testing out weapon ideas, I fiddled around with some movement code. Given I was testing this out with a keyboard and mouse, I wanted to be able to not have to constantly move the mouse in order to turn the ship, but I also didn't want the rotation to get out of hand and last forever, so I do have it decay, albeit at a small rate. The mouse is used to roll the ship from side to side and adjust the pitch up and down, while the keyboard is used to yaw the ship left and right. While I was testing, I set the camera behind a bit because I was also tinkering around with simple particle effects for the engines. (Bad GIF quality is bad!) See Exhibit F.

All in all, it's functional, which is good. I'm not completely happy with it, of course, as it doesn't "feel right," but good things come to those that wait.

Thanks for stopping by for another weekly development blog! Until next we meet!

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Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

Exhibit F: