Dev Diary #9

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Dev Diary #9

Post by Merku » November 10th, 2017, 12:04 pm

Dev Blog Transition

Another week, another developer diary. Now that most introductions are out of the way, any team member that has already introduced him/herself will begin updating, again in rotation, progress status reports. This includes the following for your perusal:

• Actual project progress that week
• That team member’s progress on his/her responsibilities
• Any other insights that the team member would like to share about that phase of the development process

We know many of you who like to go through developer diaries are doing so for transparency in our own progress, but also for insight into how the development process actually works. We’re happy to show you how it works!

As for myself as the Project and Creative Director, I will be giving more broad overviews of the game alongside my personal work load. With that said, let’s get started!

Project Progress Report

The project itself is making very steady progress. We’ve had two design debates in the past week to hash out some of the strategy-layer’s fleet mechanics. In particular, we refined fleet caps (how many ships in a fleet) and balance concerns as a result of the previous design decisions. Beyond the design side we’re also set to complete several more of our ship and station assets. With two dedicated texture artists onboard, we’re making very steady progress.

With regards to the game itself, we’ve been busy prototyping weapon FX for the action layer as well as preparing the functional prototype of the strategy layer. These layers coalesce into the primary game mode of our project, which functions similarly to games like Total War or the old Battlefront 2’s Galactic Conquest mode. We’ll speak more on this in future blogs.

Beyond this mode we’ve also hashed out more detail on the primary multiplayer modes of the game, which as of now are: team deathmatches in the vein of traditional shooters, e.g. Red vs. Blue teams, and a skirmish mode again closer to the likes of something from Total War’s custom battle mode. In it, team leaders would set their teams up to a server-set point limit, e.g. 10,000 points, and all players would engage each other in fleet battles. You could also compare this mode to that found in the excellent X-Wing Alliance multiplayer skirmish mode.

Personal Progress

My primary focus recently has been in refining some of the core design for our (tentatively named) Sector Conquest mode and completing the game’s companion novel. The design is going through satisfying iterations and I believe we’re close to finalizing some of the key mechanics. As far as the novel is concerned, it is only a few chapters away from completion.

When not consumed by general project direction the rest of the time, I’m also producing some more models for one of our in-progress factions. More teases will come in the future.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!